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Stop Employee Fraud

Fraud Prevention and Detection for your Small Business

Did you know that employee theft is one of the fastest growing and most costly crimes in the nation today?

Many of you reading this have already fallen victim to one or more of the crimes I'll outline. If you haven't, you either don't realize you have or it's just a matter of time.

Employee theft happens in almost all businesses to one degree or another. The theft may be so small it forever goes unnoticed; or turn out to be the catastrophic blow your small business never recovers from.

Are you ready to discover Fraud-Busting strategies that are easy to learn and implement?

"I wish I would have had this book before I went into business for myself. This is a must have for all business owners. Thank you Dawn for writing it!" Debra W. Garment Manufacturer

Let a Forensic Certified Public Accountant, with over thirty years of accounting industry experience, show you how.

I'll teach you basic step-by-step methods that will show you how to uncover common ongoing fraud schemes and how to prevent new schemes from starting. 

"This book is a must have for any business owner.  As a retired law enforcement officer and detective investigating fraud, this book is a savior and the best preventative measure at a minimal cost that could save your business.  Dawn has an extensive back ground in forensic accounting and fraud detection.  Dawn breaks the most complex fraud schemes in to a simple and easy to understand language anyone can understand.  Dawn sites real life examples through actual cases of every kind of scheme out there to drive her point home.  Don’t waste another day wondering if your business might be subject to internal fraud, get this book!"

Scott S. Private Investigator


As a small business owner you already know how to make money. Let me show you how to “Keep that money”. I've written easy to read illustrated chapters that will guide you through the basic fraud schemes perpetrated by employees.

Each of our local economies has been affected by recent global economic events. There's no doubt your small business revenues have drastically declined - but believe me - employee fraud and abuse have not!

There is an inverse relationship between the economy and employee fraud.

Is your business being secretly bled to death? Would you know if it was? How?

I’m passionate about educating the small business owner to the scams and schemes so commonly carried out against them by their employees. Billions are stolen from small businesses every year. Statistics show that 5 to 7 percent of revenues are lost every year to employee fraud and abuse. Do you have an established line of defense against such trickery and deceit?

These books were written with you in mind. They’re easy to read, understandable, with each segment designed to stand-alone. Each of the action plans and strategies can be implemented individually; at your own pace.

Many business owners will question that this book might actually serve the opposite purpose. Could this be a how-to-book on ways to steal money from your employer?” My reply is, “Criminal minds already think this way”. Honest, hard-working, entrepreneurs like you will read this book and think, “I’ve never thought about this before.” But believe me THE CRIMINALS ALREADY HAVE.

These books will give you the knowledge needed to put quick, cost effective controls in place. Uncover common employee fraud schemes that may be currently ongoing and prevent new fraud schemes from starting.

Don’t get me wrong this is not a one-stop-cure-all-shop. If someone really wants to steal from you they’ll figure out a way to do it and hide it. But these tools will help you DETECT AND STOP the most common kinds of schemes used by employees to trick you out of your hard earned dollars!