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Stop Employee Fraud


How to STOP Employee Fraud Writing Checks and Paying BilllsFraud reigns as one of the fastest growing and most costly crimes in the nation. Many of you reading this have already fallen victim to one or more of the crimes I outline in this first book. If you haven’t, you either don’t realize you have or it’s just a matter of time. Disbursement fraud happens in almost all businesses to one degree or another. Through the daily act of writing checks, authorizing invoices, and purchasing goods intentional misappropriation has, will, or is occurring now in your small business. It may be so small it forever goes unnoticed or turn out to be the catastrophic blow your business never recovers from.


This book provides easy to understand, illustrated chapters that provide practical solutions.

With this book you will also receive a FREE Sample Code of Conduct/Ethics you can tailor to fit your individual business needs.

This is a MUST have for all small business owners.

"I wish I would have had this book before I went into business for myself. This is a must have for all business owners. Thank you Dawn for writing it!" Debra W. Garment Manufacturer 

"This book is a must have for any business owner.  As a retired law enforcement officer and detective investigating fraud, this book is a savior and the best preventative measure at a minimal cost that could save your business.  Dawn has an extensive back ground in forensic accounting and fraud detection.  Dawn breaks the most complex fraud schemes in to a simple and easy to understand language anyone can understand.  Dawn sites real life examples through actual cases of every kind of scheme out there to drive her point home.  Don’t waste another day wondering if your business might be subject to internal fraud, get this book!"

Scott S. Private Investigator

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