Check Forgery: You bought what??

on Monday, 09 September 2013. Posted in Writing Checks and Paying Bills

                In book one we talk about three factors that must be present for a normally honest employee to begin stealing (1) opportunity (2) rationalization and (3) outside financial pressure. Jennifer Lynn McCage, age 39, from Memphis, TN. Embezzled $234,000 from her employer Dunavant Enterprises from 2007 to 2012. McCage had been employed by Dunavant Enterprises since 1992, but didn’t begin stealing until 2007. So for fifteen years McCage was a presumed, honorable employee. What happened? Did she see an opportunity? Did she have outside financial pressure? Did she rationalize to herself that her actions were somehow acceptable?

                For nearly five years McCage used her supervisors, William B. “Billy” Dunavant Jr., credit card and personal checking account to pay for personal purchases. McCage plead guilty to the crime and was sentenced in December 2012 to two years and three months in federal prison and ordered to pay full restitution to Dunavant.

                According to sources McCage used the money on everyday expenses such as children’s tuition, clothes and food. She did not appear to be living beyond her means. Unlike Angela Buckborogh Platt who embezzled $6.9 Million from her employer and used the money to purchase items such as a 104-acre ranch, six (Wizard of Oz type) talking trees for Halloween, a life-size ceramic statue of Al Capone, and a 20 foot tall smoke emitting, hydraulically powered dragon!


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