Embezzlement, Fraud and Racketeering

on Wednesday, 14 August 2013. Posted in Writing Checks and Paying Bills

August 2013

Next month Bobby L. Willis, age 40, will appear in a Farmington, N.M. court room and answer to embezzlement, fraud, racketeering and securities fraud allegations. 

A 14-page arrest warrant was issued by authorities in San Juan County, N.M. accusing the organizer of last year's Mesa County Fairgrounds cancelled country music festival of steeling millions.

Mike Atchison claims to have invested more than $15 million with Willis; $8 million in a classic car deal gone bad, $6 million in jewelry and gemstones and $1.5 million for a hospital project in Kirtland that never got off the ground. Atchison claims that “Every time he would ask for his money or other assets, Willis would tell him that he would get the money back, but would never follow through with the return of the assets, Willis would say that he had a group of investors that would buy him out, but this never came through.”  

No fewer than 66 checks or money transfers have been identified streaming out of customers escrow accounts; with one check signed by Willis for the amount of $132,880.

Willis is expected to make his first court room appearance during  the two day preliminary hearing set for mid-September in, Magistrate Judge Mark S. Hawkinson court room.

Until then, Willis is residing at his home in Branson, Mo., wearing a court-ordered ankle bracelet.  


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